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You’ll find everything here is focused around you. Dr. Yoo’s patients receive his and his nurse practitioner’s personal mobile phone numbers. Our staff is always available to answer questions or concerns. We do not have a recording as each phone call is answered by one of us. You do not have to worry about getting in touch with us – we are here to support you, help you and guide you to the right resources and the latest in neurosurgical advancements.

Dr. Yoo and our medical team understand that you may be overwhelmed by the options facing you. Your first time in our office will be a relaxed visit where you will share the information that you have learned to date with Dr. Yoo, and will receive a comprehensive consultation for your condition. Once he has enough information, including diagnostic test results, Dr. Yoo will present you with recommendations and options for your consideration, and you can decide how to proceed – you can have the concrete and absolute knowledge that our team will be there to assist you at every step in your journey.

Experience meets state-of-the-art care.

Dr. Yoo’s professional spine and neurological expertise, combined with an excellent track record of success, allows him to successfully treat a wide variety of brain and spinal disorders.

The use of advanced technology allows us to accurately treat affected areas without damaging healthy bone, tissue or nerves, and enables the precise placement of implanted devices to achieve optimal outcomes.

We were one of the first practices in the United States to use robotic and computer-assisted spine surgery. We have embraced lesser-invasive techniques that offer patients comparable outcomes to more invasive procedures. And Dr. Yoo’s commitment to ongoing training and innovation affords his patients the confidence of knowing their care is truly state-of-the-art.

If you seek permanent relief of a spine or neurological condition, we invite you to consult with us. We have two locations for your convenience: La Jolla office located in Scripps Memorial Hospital complex and Oceanside office located close to Tri-City Medical Center. Dr. Yoo works with a number of respected hospitals and surgery centers.

Thank You for Considering Our Neurosurgical Team

You can expect our medical team – led by Dr. Kevin Yoo – to continue to offer the same concierge, round-the-clock customized client care that we have been committed to for over ten years. Neurosurgery is not a static science, and we evolve along with our specialization. New changes, techniques and devices are introduced each year; improving on past treatment to better the quality of life for patients. We stay continuously abreast of these changes, continually advancing our practice to deliver the best care possible, even contributing to some of the latest clinical research.

If you are suffering from pain or a neurological disorder, this can be a very difficult time for you. You may have received more than one recommendation, and knowing the right course of action to take may seem elusive. No one really wants to have surgery… it is something we consider only when all other options have been used. We recommend nonsurgical treatments when we believe they stand a high chance for success; if surgery is the best option, we will take the time to explain every aspect to you in detail.
When it comes to something as important as selecting your neurosurgical team and considering surgery, it makes sense for you to look at all of your options. Most importantly, think of us as a highly qualified resource as you strive to make an informed decision on a course of action that’s right for you.

Discover compassionate, accessible, personalized neurosurgical care at San Diego Neurosurgery. Call 858-909-9033 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form.

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