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Dr. Yoo has treated many Personal Injury patients on a lien basis. He has the expertise and experience to help with cases involving spinal and brain injuries from car accidents, slips and falls, and catastrophic personal injuries resulting in neck pain, back pain, paralysis, spinal fractures, memory loss, headaches and more.


Whether you require legal expertise to review and produce a report for your legal case or a physician specializing in personal injury treatment, Dr. Kevin Yoo offers highly qualified expertise in the field of surgery related to the brain and spine.


We are accepting new cases from all attorneys. Please download and review our lien document. Please sign it and send it our office so we can schedule an appointment for your client. The client will also be expected to sign the lien while they are in our office. Please contact our office if you have never sent us a case before and want to learn more about the procedure.


Urgent cases can be seen on the same week or as early as same day as the referral.


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