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Many individuals involved in personal injury cases particularly automobile accidents develop traumatic brain injury and go onto develop post-concussive syndrome. Most people will spontaneously heal quickly. Some individuals, however, develop long-standing post-concussive syndrome that can be debilitating. In San Diego, there are few brain-injury rehabilitation programs and none that will accept personal injury liens. San Diego Neurosurgery is developing a Brain Injury Rehabilitation program that can be done on a lien basis.

Brain injury therapy starts with an evaluation consisting of formal and informal testing assessing a patient's skill in areas which may include verbal expression, auditory comprehension, visual comprehension, executive functioning, thought processing, reasoning, time organization, speed processing, attention, and memory. Evaluations last 1-2 hour. Therapy consists of one hour treatments, generally 1-3 sessions per week. Most patients are treated twice a week. Patients work with the therapist during their treatment sessions on practicing tasks designed to create neural reconnections to attain processing in their deficit areas.. Patients also work on implementing functional strategies to use immediately, i.e. using daily notebook for keeping calendar, daily notes for recall, etc. Length of therapy varies from 2-6 months with an average of 3 months. Typically, as a person's function returns, frequency of therapy reduces from 2-3 sessions a week to 1-2 sessions per week. Two things cause therapy to terminate early: the patient not attending therapy sessions and a patient not doing homework. Patients must practice their skills outside of the therapy sessions for improvement to occur.

The following is the fee schedule for San Diego Neurosurgery Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program.


Description CPT Code Fee
Speech Evaluation 92506 $1170.00

Office Evaluation

99203 $560.00

Office Visit

99243 $620.00
Speech Treatment 92507 $370.00
Office Visit 99211 $110.00
Cognitive Evaluation 96125 $570.00
15 min increments 97532 $140.00
Additional Therapy 92605 $470.00

Estimate of FULL speech & cognitive therapy treatment



To set up an appointment for your client for the Brain Injury Program, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in our office.


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