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I would like to thank you for taking the time to have a frank discussion of my husband's prognosis with him during our recent visit. You have eliminated potentially difficult discussions between us and gotten us on the same page with realistic expectations. This will make our plans for the future more realistic and the lack of conflict between us will, I am sure, be an asset to his recovery. Thanks so much for your sensitivity.

- N. D., December 2016


Dear Dr. Yoo,

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for taking the time to help as you have helped many others in need. Because of you I can have my life back and enjoy my family as I once did years ago. Thank you once again and may God Bless you. 


- H. M., December 2016


Dr. Yoo, I just wanted to Thank you for giving my mother a second chance in life. And because of you we can keep on enjoying her. Thank you 


- H. M.'s daugther, December 2016 


I highly recommend Dr. Yoo and his team.

Picking a does one do that with success and confidence, that this high level specialist of a doctor is the right one for me? Especially, as in my situation, a very painful spinal/leg issue which made my simplest of life's task a very big deal.

I guess it is reviews like this that help to narrow down some of those questions we all need addressed. Will this Doctor be an expert about my situation? Will they ask and exhaust all the necessary questions, then listen and address all of my concerns? Will this doctor help to put my mind at ease with demonstrated knowledge and confidence both pre and post procedure/surgery? Will this Doctor's office staff and medical support team be caring, thorough and competent?

To those questions above and many more, the answers are a satisfying YES! Dr. Yoo, listened, communicated, listened some more and then created a medical plan of action for me that started my road to recovery. His capable Nurse Practitioner Kay was always in the communication loop, kept me informed as to what to expect and why, and his office coordinator Andrea was calling me (how is that for unexpected great service, the office calling me to keep me on track!) to be sure I was being seen on schedule.

Thank you Dr. Yoo and team for leading me through this medical maze, making this difficult and trying time less chaotic and giving me a peace of mind that I was truly in great hands.

- C. C., November 2016



Dear Dr. Yoo,

My father, Hansruedi Kiefer and I wanted to thank you from the bottom our hearts for the amazing job you did on fixing his neck (C1/C2). After the operation, he could barely move his toes and spent a few weeks in ICU. He wanted you to know that, after 5 months in rehab (in Switzerland) and a lot of hard work, he is back on his feet - walking freely!  Thanks to you and your amazing team at Scripps Memorial.  Thank you!


- Hansruedi and Tina, October 2016


I was scared to death going into the surgery, but there was Dr. Yoo discussing my case again with my previous doctor in Michigan just to make sure he knew everything, all the details. I couldn’t believe it. It was reassuring, needless to say. Dr. Yoo is so incredibly involved, and thorough and responsive above being awesome at what he does. I cannot believe I am walking six weeks after my surgery with no pain (except the typical recovery issues.)

Dr. Yoo moved extremely fast to schedule my surgeries so he could alleviate my pain – I had bulging discs and was in a tremendous amount of pain.My spine was crooked – he first had to undo what had been done wrong – I had two surgeries in two days so we can could get it done quickly. The first was removing the 2 screws I had in my back. The second one was to redo everything – he put spacers between my vertebrae and straightened out my back and put in 12 screws.

This was on November 9 and I have had an amazing recovery, and getting stronger and stronger every day! After all the agony and pain – it is such a huge relief and prior to Dr. Yoo’s surgeries nothing worked. I found him by getting him in the ER where I was getting steroid shots for the pain, which didn’t help at all. My family is so impressed I can walk and with how careful and detailed he was about everything! We are all so incredibly grateful to have found him and want to tell everyone because I know how scared I was and it would have helped hearing someone’s story about him. He is amazing. I don’t know how he did it.

- B.S.


We think the world of Dr. Yoo! We call him the magician, and are continually grateful and blessed that we found him. We both come from a medical background – I am a retired Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon and my wife is a retired RN, so we have much experience with the medical world . Dr. Yoo’s bedside manner is second to none; he is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and above all thorough – he explained everything, showing us directly on scans what was happening; and not just to me but to my wife and family members who are key in the surgical and recovery process. We had heard Dr. Yoo was THE BEST, and completely by chance we got him as he was on call when my wife brought me into the ER – after much misdiagnosis and confusion in referrals to the wrong kind of different practitioners.

As we were in the ER, my wife’s brother, an ER nurse, came to check in on me when he heard I’d been admitted. He was astounded by the level of care Dr. Yoo provided to an ER patient and said I would never have received the same kind of care anywhere he has ever worked or witnessed.

Dr. Yoo takes a very methodical, thorough approach. My case is complicated because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I have a myriad of records from different physicians. He walked me through what was most immediate and most important, what would work with my existing condition to make me most comfortable. He retrieved all my records from my previous hospital in Michigan and showed me step by step what my treatment process would be.

In total, I have had four surgeries with Dr. Yoo. He treated the initial pain that landed me in the ER for our first meeting. After months of suffering he fixed it in two surgeries, he broke it up so the lengthy procedures wouldn’t be so hard on me. The first two in June 2011 – from the ER meeting, were very successful and my pain was much relieved after his work; even though I have other health problems, my back pain was gone.

I had a development of new leg pain in 2014; Dr. Yoo approached it with his typical attention to detail, reviewed all MRIs and was able to figure out the cause for the recurrence and fixed it with small simple surgery. Prior to that surgery, I had been having severe, persistent leg pain – a pain specialist treated it for 6 months but I felt no improvement. Dr. Yoo reviewed the MRIs and noted he could fix the sciatic pain I was suffering. Again he did a very thorough job; he localize the left side and did the surgery – I have no more pain shooting down my legs and was so very happy.

I am recovering from the last surgery I had with him; this past September my knees buckled from my RA. I had been using a walker and fell anyway; I called Dr. Yoo immediately. Right away he calmed me and my family down; he said to go ER and he would review everything there. I had a large thoracic disc herniation – he fixed it all in a 9 hour surgery.

I am still in the recovery period but feel much better. I trust him with everything – I know that he is able to fix many different problems and take
into account different factors; I completely trust him with all my neurosurgical care and definitely would not feel as good as I do without

- A.V.


I was blown away by Dr. Yoo, he’s awesome. It was a total coincidence how it all happened, and I feel so fortunate that I found him, and I hope to help get the word out so everyone who needs help with their spine issues can find out about him and his outstanding team.

I was in awful pain and didn’t know why – turned out my spinal cord was being compressed by discs. This had been going on for six weeks or maybe even two months. There were tons of changes in my doctors at Tri-City, and none of them could figure out what was wrong, and during my first trip to the ER they said I had vertigo.

Finally the pain got so bad I had to go back to the ER (it would take a week to go through insurance) and I got Dr. Yoo as the neurosurgeon on call. He figured out right away what was wrong, showed me the scans and explained everything in detail so I could understand. What really sealed it for me is that he gave me his cell number to call him anytime – what doctor does that? Also, I had an unusual situation and to leave the ER to go home to discuss everything with my family (because I would be having back surgery, it would affect our life while I recovered). He was supportive, but also cautioned me that even the smallest accident could hurt my neck really badly, so to check back into the hospital immediately after I spoke with them.

My mom also wanted to talk to him, and he took the time to explain everything and show her everything in detail too – and what to expect for my recovery. Everyone made me feel super comfortable and I hate hospitals. Dr. Yoo’s Nurse Practitioner Kaye came to see me on her day off with her little niece just to check on me! They were involved in everything – giving me the info I needed and helping me through the process and follow up. It was so obvious to me and my family that they really care about their patients – put our comfort first above anything.

I feel good, am recovering well – we took the brace off and my legs feel much better, no pain shooting into them. I can’t believe that after so many people didn’t know what was wrong Dr. Yoo knew right away and fixed it immediately. I stumbled on him by luck at the ER but again, want people to know about him so he can help others like he did with me.

- A.E.


I left the hospital and felt fantastic. I had to go to the emergency room because I woke up in the morning not able to walk at all. I have had a couple of minor surgeries before this one with other doctors. I was in a lot of pain in the hospital, and Dr. Yoo came up and started talking to me. He said we can be in surgery in an hour, because he had already looked at MRIs and had it set up. When I came out of surgery I looked down at my feet and I could wiggle my toes. I could get up and walk. Literally the next day I left the hospital and felt fantastic. I just love his confidence and that he knows what he’s doing. I was very impressed.

- R.S.


Dr. Yoo,

Thank you so much for your calm and courageous bedside manner throughout my neurosurgical procedure. I never thought that someone, especially me, could be as calm as I was going into brain surgery. That, along with the fact that I had no complications, speaks volumes about your skill and professionalism. I could not have had a better surgeon.

Thank you for everything,
- A.E.


Dear Dr. Yoo,

I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me. I have always lived my life very active and athletically. Yes, it is true the older you get the more you slow down, but I still have been very active at my age of 49. This past year changed my whole entire life, literally. In a matter of three months, starting from experiencing soreness, then hurting, then pain on and off to chronic and then debilitating pan over the course of a few days in my left arm and neck.

Not even percocet could take the edge off the pain. I couldn’t even hold my head up. And sleep… I didn’t even have a chance. The quality of my life felt like it was depleting. I could never live life like this. How could anyone live with so much pain?

Then you changed my life after my surgery! When I awoke after my surgery the post-op was nothing compared to the prior pain. All the pain in my left arm and neck was gone! You gave my life back to me and I thank you for that. I consider myself very blessed to have you as my surgeon. You are a very caring, outstanding surgeon in your field. The best! Thank you again for all you have done not only for me but my family as well.

- D.S.


Thank you so much for all you have done for me. No doctor had ever wanted to do the surgery you did because they told me it won’t change anything, and you did. You have angel hands, I feel and can do better now and in the future thanks to you. Your staffs are very attentive and very helpful. Thanks to all of you.

Hugs and love.

Your patient,
- G.P.


I am a 60-year-old woman who suffered for many years with horrible back pain. After walking or standing for more than a few minutes, I would have to sit down. Finally, my back problems led to pain and numbness in my left leg. I tried every treatment I cam across to relieve the pain, but nothing worked for more than a few days.

Finally, I met Dr. Yoo through friends who had consulted with him. I made an appointment for a surgery consultation. He used a computer program to show me what my surgery would look like, and spent as much time as my family and I needed answering questions about the surgery and the recovery process.

I had a fusion on my L4-5 on September 1, 2006 and am doing very well since. I tell everyone about the three-inch scar I have on my left hip because it astounds them that I wasn’t cut down the front or back of my spine. Recovery from the surgery has been relatively easy, and when I had problems, Dr. Yoo went out of his way to find the right solution. I also appreciate Dr. Yoo’s very nice office staff. They are always glad to hear from me and I from them.

My only regret is that I didn’t meet Dr. Yoo sooner and save myself needless years of pain and suffering.

- R.L.


In September, my grandmother went into the Palomar Medical Center with a subdural bleed. Everyone in my family was extremely worried for her, but Dr. Kevin Yoo provided just the right words to reassure us. He was direct and professional without hiding the severity of her condition. We were so happy that he was to perform her operation, and we’ve only grown happier with her remarkable recovery over the last two months!

- R.J.


Dear Dr. Yoo,

I am the husband of the patient who has a stroke on 2/26/07 and to whom you did a brain surgery to save her life. I have no words to express the gratitude and blessing of having you doing that surgery to stop her stroke. Under your leadership, your team did exactly what was supposed to be done to save her from dead sentence. Thank you so much for your professionalism!

Eveline has made a lot of progress since then and she is about to be discharged next week from the Rehabilitation unit. She is able to eat and start to speak. With the grace of God she is recovering very well.

She will probably return to hospital in few months for another surgery that will protect her brain. On her behalf and all our family we thank you and all your team to save her.

- I.M.


Dear Dr. Yoo,

Thank you so much for your assessment of my mother’s herniated brain caused from several falls and a bleed. Your swift response and excellent surgical skills saved her life. She is in much better condition than before the surgery. Although at the age of 87, I would have not thought she would be doing so well, she has managed to reshape her life and is very engaged in her new assisted living environment. Without your clear explanation of her condition, guidance and skill she would not be alive today.


- N.M.



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